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And the artworks began treasures, Pre-Columbian Art in the Salinas de la Piedra's Collection

More than 50 centuries of culture are here presented. From 3500 before Jesus Christ until the spaniard conquest in the XVI century. The pieces are from different Latin America geographic zones: Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Equator, Peru, Bolivia. This incredible pre-columbian art collection is new in Europe. A few 200 pieces have been meticulously selected among the 3000 of the Salinas de La Piedra collection. This one arriving from Chili, is probably one of the major private collection of pre-columbian art in the World.


Works: 204 pieces
Dates : from May 10th to September the 2nd, 2007 
Institution: Centro Cultural Tomas y Valiente, Fuenlabrada, Espagne 
Curators: Varinia Varela Guarda, Luis Solar